Would you like to support the Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016?

You can support the Mediation Awareness Week by hosting an event or by providing financial or in-kind support for events run by other supporters.

All supporters are recognised on the Supporters Page with links to their websites and acknowledged at major events.

Australian Mediation Awareness Week

#AuMAW2016 on Social Media

Use the Hashtag #AuMAW2016 on social media to make your posts about Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016 easy to find. Supporters While we hope that mediators and mediation services througout Australia will host events to support Mediation Awareness the simplest...
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Mediation Institute

A specialist provider of vocational and industry recognised training in mediation and family dispute resolution qualifications.

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Interact Support

A not-for-profit dedicated to providing low cost support for family law issues with a mission to reduce and resolve family conflict and prevent family violence.

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Seek understanding

An easy way to make social media images

Find out about a tool to help create social media images and encouragement to play Virtual Volley Ball during the Mediation Awareness Week

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Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation Bayside Mediation  provides a safe environment to discuss issues, formulate throughs and find solutions. Our goal is to minimise the distress and confusion experienced by separating couples when dealing with Australian Family Law legal system and...
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MIM Mediation

MIM Mediation MIM Mediation is a dispute resolution service that focuses on helping clients to interpret conflict and respond in an appropriate way. Services include: Mediating Workplace Conflict Training employees to become Conflict Interpreters Reviewing and...
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Australian Dispute Resolution Cooperative

A cooperative of professional mediators collaborating for mutual support and to provide services to large organisations in a cohesive and cost effective manner.

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Middlegrounds Middlegrounds provides mediation and other conflict resolution services to help resolve employment and commercial disputes without the need for litigation. Established by dispute resolution professional Jamie Nuich to provide an alternative to...
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Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide Juno Consulting Adelaide offers counselling, mindfulness techniques, personal development and mediation services all designed to help clients to feel better within themselves and within their relationships with others. Their mission statement...
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Gillian Enterkin

Logical Mediation Logical Mediation is a specialist mediation service run by principal Mediator Gillian Enterkin. Gillian will be co-hosting a webinar on Autism Awareness and Mediation for Mediation Awareness Week 2016. Gill is a NMAS Accredited Mediator and a Family...
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How to use the #AuMAW2016 hashtag

Let's start with a disclaimer. I am not a social media marketer or expert by any means. I am interested in how social media can be used to communicate and share ideas so am an enthusiastic learner and as an educator never miss an opportunity to share what knowledge I...
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