Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

The Everyday Mediator

You can call Rebecca on  0411 770 125 for more information about her #AuMAW2017 events or her dispute resolution services in general

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Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Rebecca Carroll-Bell mediates for her own business RCB Mediation Services but is better known by her “the Everyday Mediator” social media identify.

RCB Mediation Services was established in 2014 to provide mediation, communication training, conflict resolution coaching.

“I take the angst and bewilderment out of everyday conflict” Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Services offered include:

  • Workplace mediation packages are ideal for managers sick and tired of refereeing between bickering staff members;
  • Complaint handling and communication training programs suit teams who deal with inbound client complaints, such as sales teams and generalist office teams where there is no dedicated complaints handling officer; and
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching helps busy professionals who are stuck in a conflict or ongoing dispute to get unstuck, improve their conflict management skills and strengthen their resilience in the face of everyday conflict.

Rebecca Carroll-Bell is The Everyday Mediator – passionate about managing, resolving and preventing conflict in everyday life.

Visit the Everyday Mediator website

Visit the Everyday Mediator Website

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