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Logical Mediation is a specialist mediation service run by principal Mediator Gillian Enterkin. Gillian will be co-hosting a webinar on Autism Awareness and Mediation for Mediation Awareness Week 2016.

Gill is a NMAS Accredited Mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution with a background in high school teaching and a passion for dispute resolution.

She has an understanding of the potential consequences of family conflict in terms of escalation into family violence.

She has specialist expertise working with families impacted by parents or children on the Autism spectrum and non-heterosexual couples or families where children identify as non-heterosexual.  Her services are inclusive, non-judgemental and informed by an understanding of the complexities experienced by clients where mainstream services do not adequately meet their needs.

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Gillian Enterkin

Gillian Enterkin


Contact Gill for more information about the Logical Mediation events during the Mediation Awareness Week on 0419 262 775

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