Joanne Law, Director of Studies for Mediation Institute and Program Manager for the Interact Support, Court-Support Program, looks at the untapped potential for Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution in helping to prevent family violence incidents between high conflict family members.

  • Federal Circuit Court data shows that 52% of Parenting Order applications are going to court with a family violence exemption application avoiding the need to attend Family Dispute Resolution.
  • Many of the people who are issued a 60i Certificate indicating that Family Dispute Resolution is unsuitable do not have the financial resources to go to court to attempt to get an order regarding parenting.  Many find that they need $10,000 to $20,000 to commence their family law applications with a lot more money required if their case goes through to trial.
  • Enforcing court orders requires a return to court, and more money and time spent on attempting to force a reluctant compliance with court orders.

Joanne will talk about alternative ways that mediation and Family Dispute Resolution can be used to help reduce and resolve some of this conflict and avoid more incidents of family violence.


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