Gillian Enterkin

Gillian Enterkin

Logical Mediation Website

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Logical Mediation

Logical Mediation is a specialist mediation service run by principal Mediator Gillian Enterkin. Gillian will be co-hosting a webinar on Autism Awareness and Mediation for Mediation Awareness Week 2016.

Gill is a NMAS Accredited Mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution with a background in high school teaching and a passion for dispute resolution.

She has an understanding of the potential consequences of family conflict in terms of escalation into family violence.

She has specialist expertise working with families impacted by parents or children on the Autism spectrum and non-heterosexual couples or families where children identify as non-heterosexual.  Her services are inclusive, non-judgemental and informed by an understanding of the complexities experienced by clients where mainstream services do not adequately meet their needs.

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Gillian Enterkin

Gillian Enterkin


Contact Gill for more information about the Logical Mediation events during the Mediation Awareness Week on 0419 262 775

How to use the #AuMAW2016 hashtag

How to use the #AuMAW2016 hashtag

Let’s start with a disclaimer. I am not a social media marketer or expert by any means.

I am interested in how social media can be used to communicate and share ideas so am an enthusiastic learner and as an educator never miss an opportunity to share what knowledge I have.

What is a Hashtag?

In a practical sense a hash tag is any word or series of letters that follows a #

The reason you use them in social media is that they work like a filter to help people using the social media platform to categorise and find information on a specific topic.  They can be general like #mediation (which will find anything that anyone has posted with the mediation hash tag) or specific like #AuMAW2016 (which will find what is posted this year related to the Australian Mediation Awareness Week)

It is especially useful on platforms like Twitter –  where trends are highlighted using Hashtags.

How should I use the Hashtag?

Save the search

A good first step is to save a search you do on a hash tag that you want to keep an eye on. How you do this will depend on the social media platform you are on.

Twitter instructions

Step One: Search for the hashtag

I’ll do an example with #AuMAW2016 which I would love you to save so you can plan Virtual Volley Ball with us.  The twitter search field is on the top right


Step Two:  Save the search

Save Search on TwitterOnce you’ve done the search click on More Options to open the drop down menu

Then if you want to further refine the search for example only seeing tweets that use the hash tag or only from people you follow.

I don’t know why you’d click that option because how are you going to make new virtual friends if you only look at content from people you already know?

Anyway once you have done that you can click Save this Search.

Step Three: Revisit Saved Searches

Click in the Search Twitter box again and your saved searches will be available for you to click on.

Step Four: Get rid of the people who can’t spell Mediation

Not literally of course but if you come across people using the #mediation when they mean #meditation you can mute their posts (or politely let them know the difference between mediation and meditation) It is more than a T

An easy way to make social media images

An easy way to make social media images

Creating attractive and compelling images to share on social media used to be a time consuming issue for me.  And those who know me know that I am always taking on more than I can reasonably expect myself to be able to do.

So wasting time trying to find images without breaching copyright and putting them together with the words I want to share has been what I thought was a necessary frustration.

That is why I am so in love with Canva.

Don’t judge me

You have to understand that I’m not a graphic designer and what I can produce is somewhat templated but it’s a lot better than what I have produced unassisted so I’m pretty happy. The thing that makes me happiest is that it is so quick.

Social Content

Social media is such a great way to share concepts and ideas and I’d like to challenge all mediators in Australia to produce at least one piece of original content to share under the #AuMAW2016 and #Mediation hash tags.

Social Sharing

I’d love to see a game of Virtual Volley Ball during Mediation Awareness Week 2016 where we keep content about mediation in the cloud. You can play by sharing, re-tweeting and encouraging your friends, acquaintances and strangers to do the same. If you want a world filled with more peace and understanding the best way to get it is to contribute to building the belief that it is possible.

Better choices

Negotiation and litigation are processes designed to reduce your choices in order to reach a settlement and usually the most powerful gets the best outcome.

Mediation is a process that is focused on increasing understanding about what matters to each party to a dispute, encourages exploration of the many options available before empowering the people impacted by the decision to decide the best option for them to try and resolve their dispute and be at peace with each other.

By increasing awareness of mediation and the different styles of mediation we increase the number of people who will feel empowered to make the choice to genuinely try mediation first.

Share your social media images on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or your other prefered platform during Australian Mediation Awareness Week 7th to the 13th December

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Middlegrounds Website

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Middlegrounds provides mediation and other conflict resolution services to help resolve employment and commercial disputes without the need for litigation.

Established by dispute resolution professional Jamie Nuich to provide an alternative to traditional legal solutions to resolve conflict.

Founded on the values of creativity, integrity and responsibility the service provides clients with the opportunity to find a better solution even when all options to resolve the dispute appear to have been exhausted.

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Jamie Nuich

Jamie Nuich


Contact Jamie for more information on 0406 115 370

Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide Website

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Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide offers counselling, mindfulness techniques, personal development and mediation services all designed to help clients to feel better within themselves and within their relationships with others.

Their mission statement is “Assisting you to feel better” clearly  stating the reason that Ursula Najar established the consultancy in 2012.

Contact Ursula to find out more about her mediation and other services to assist with workplace and community conflict resoltion and resillience building.


Contact Juno Consulting Adelaide

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Ursula Najar

Ursula Najar

Principle Mediator

Contact Ursula for more information and to book in for a free, confidential individualised information session on Mediation during the Mediation Awareness Week on 0438 692 935

Other professional service providers are welcome as well as those interested in finding out more about mediation for their own use.

Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation Website

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Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation  provides a safe environment to discuss issues, formulate throughs and find solutions.

Our goal is to minimise the distress and confusion experienced by separating couples when dealing with Australian Family Law legal system and help you make the best choices for you and your family.

Getting to know Family Law Mediation

Bayside Mediation Event

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Dianne Loveday

Dianne Loveday

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Contact Dianne for more information about the Bayside Mediation event during the #AuMAW2016 – Mediation Awareness Week on 03 9553 6491