How to use the #AuMAW2016 hashtag

How to use the #AuMAW2016 hashtag

Let’s start with a disclaimer. I am not a social media marketer or expert by any means.

I am interested in how social media can be used to communicate and share ideas so am an enthusiastic learner and as an educator never miss an opportunity to share what knowledge I have.

What is a Hashtag?

In a practical sense a hash tag is any word or series of letters that follows a #

The reason you use them in social media is that they work like a filter to help people using the social media platform to categorise and find information on a specific topic.  They can be general like #mediation (which will find anything that anyone has posted with the mediation hash tag) or specific like #AuMAW2016 (which will find what is posted this year related to the Australian Mediation Awareness Week)

It is especially useful on platforms like Twitter –  where trends are highlighted using Hashtags.

How should I use the Hashtag?

Save the search

A good first step is to save a search you do on a hash tag that you want to keep an eye on. How you do this will depend on the social media platform you are on.

Twitter instructions

Step One: Search for the hashtag

I’ll do an example with #AuMAW2016 which I would love you to save so you can plan Virtual Volley Ball with us.  The twitter search field is on the top right


Step Two:  Save the search

Save Search on TwitterOnce you’ve done the search click on More Options to open the drop down menu

Then if you want to further refine the search for example only seeing tweets that use the hash tag or only from people you follow.

I don’t know why you’d click that option because how are you going to make new virtual friends if you only look at content from people you already know?

Anyway once you have done that you can click Save this Search.

Step Three: Revisit Saved Searches

Click in the Search Twitter box again and your saved searches will be available for you to click on.

Step Four: Get rid of the people who can’t spell Mediation

Not literally of course but if you come across people using the #mediation when they mean #meditation you can mute their posts (or politely let them know the difference between mediation and meditation) It is more than a T