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Middlegrounds Website

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Middlegrounds provides mediation and other conflict resolution services to help resolve employment and commercial disputes without the need for litigation.

Established by dispute resolution professional Jamie Nuich to provide an alternative to traditional legal solutions to resolve conflict.

Founded on the values of creativity, integrity and responsibility the service provides clients with the opportunity to find a better solution even when all options to resolve the dispute appear to have been exhausted.

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Jamie Nuich

Jamie Nuich


Contact Jamie for more information on 0406 115 370

Mediation Blog Posts and Ideas

Posts, Social Media and other resources

Ideas and shares of posts and other information documents on Mediation

Looking for inspiration for a blog post on Mediation?

There are so many ideas for a blog post or other form of communication on mediation but here are a few to get your thoughts activating.

Have a look at the categories below for inspiration.

Types of mediation

A post on any of the very many types of mediation written with a specific type of client in mind

  • Family Dispute Resolution for complex familes
  • Family Dispute Resolution for indigenous families
  • Family Dispute Resolution for parents born in the middle east
  • Family Dispute Resolution for parents of disabled children
  • Workplace Mediation for Government Departments
  • Workplace Mediation for Manufacturers

The list could go on forever

Aspects of Mediation

A post on a part of the mediation process. You can be as high level or detailed as you’d like

  • preparing for mediation – pre-mediation intakes
  • risk screening
  • safety planning for mediation
  • how to prepare for opening statements
  • mediated agreements

Comparisons between mediation and other processes

People sometimes get confused by the differences between mediation and other processes

  • the difference between mediation and counselling
  • the difference between mediation and lawyer negotiation
  • the difference between mediation and HR facilitated discussions
  • the cost difference between mediation and going to court

The Benefits of Mediation

Posts that explore the benefits of mediation (great to use data or case studies) to help people understand why it is worth trying mediation

  • the benefit of Family Dispute Resolution
  • The benefits of Workplace Mediation
  • The benefits of Peer Mediation

Other ADR Processes

Perhaps you are a practitioner of another approach to resolving conflict that is aligned to mediation such as restorative justice or conflict coaching.

Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide Website

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Juno Consulting Adelaide

Juno Consulting Adelaide offers counselling, mindfulness techniques, personal development and mediation services all designed to help clients to feel better within themselves and within their relationships with others.

Their mission statement is “Assisting you to feel better” clearly  stating the reason that Ursula Najar established the consultancy in 2012.

Contact Ursula to find out more about her mediation and other services to assist with workplace and community conflict resoltion and resillience building.


Contact Juno Consulting Adelaide

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Ursula Najar

Ursula Najar

Principle Mediator

Contact Ursula for more information and to book in for a free, confidential individualised information session on Mediation during the Mediation Awareness Week on 0438 692 935

Other professional service providers are welcome as well as those interested in finding out more about mediation for their own use.

9.12.2016 Individual Information Sessions

9.12.2016 Individual Information Sessions

Individual Mediation Information Sessions

When – Friday 9th December 2016

Where – Juno Consulting Adelaide – Level 1, Bunnik House, 45 Flinders Street, Adelaide

What time – a number of individualised 30 minute sessions between 9 am and 6 pm

How to book:   Book on www.junoadelaide.com.au or email Ursula

Event Cost: This is a free event 

About the Host

Juno Consulting Adelaide is a boutique consultancy offering Counselling, Mindfulness Techniques, Personal Development and Mediation.

Located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, Juno is a small private practice specialising in communication and alleviating stress.

Juno was established in 2012 by Ursula Najar, a professional counsellor and mediator. Find out more.

Other #AuMAW2016 Events

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Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation Website

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Bayside Mediation

Bayside Mediation  provides a safe environment to discuss issues, formulate throughs and find solutions.

Our goal is to minimise the distress and confusion experienced by separating couples when dealing with Australian Family Law legal system and help you make the best choices for you and your family.

Getting to know Family Law Mediation

Bayside Mediation Event

Find out More
Dianne Loveday

Dianne Loveday

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Contact Dianne for more information about the Bayside Mediation event during the #AuMAW2016 – Mediation Awareness Week on 03 9553 6491