AuMAW Resources

Software Recommendations

We use the following software to develop our event listings

Event Graphics

Note on Images: Make sure that any images you use are royalty free. That means from a free image site such as pixabay, a paid image site or that you have taken the photo yourself and have permission from any of the people in it if they are identifiable.

Event Booking

You don’t have to use Eventbrite for your event listing. You can use another event aggregator, Facebook Events or event software on your website. You could just use email and keep a list but why not use this as an opportunity to learn how to use one of the very good software products that are available like Eventbrite?

 Press Release

Template to update to promote your event – Media-release-template-edited-4

Press Release Templates – this is not our area of expertise so please let us know if you have an improved template!