Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016

Proudly hosted by Interact Support, a not-for-profit dedicated to improving interpersonal relationships and improving the emotional, physical and psychological safety of our community.

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Part of a world wide movement

The Mediation Awaress Week began in the United Kingdom in 2016 and has already spread to half a dozen countries throughout the world. In 2017 the Australian Mediation Awareness Week will run at the same time as those in other countries world.


Nation Wide

Our goal is to raise awareness of all forms of mediation including peer mediation and restorative justice.  We support events in every part of Australia and online and hope that the number and variety of events will increase until the benefits of approrpriate dispute resolution responses are understood by all.


Australian Mediation Awareness Week is coordinated by Interact Support on a voluntary basis. It is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Mediators and Mediation Services througout Australia.  Mediators walking their talk and using the same collaborative strategies they help clients to develop.

Interact Support

Intact Support is a not-for-profit established to help reduce abuse and violence in Australia.

Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution are the preferred processes to help ensure that clients retain control and their right to self-determination which is lost when using litigation to resolve conflict.

Our Story

The story of the Australia Mediation Awareness Week is very simple.

We saw a good idea, contacted teh UK organisers of the UK Mediation Awareness Week and asked their permission to run a similar event.

They agreed and here we are.

Joanne Law

Joanne Law

Interact Support Program Manager

Joanne is the main coordinator for the Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016.

You can call Joanne on 0401 293 500.

Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna

Interact Support Director

Paul is a director of Interact Support, the not-for-profit hosting Australian Mediation Awareness Week.

Interact Support

Interact Support

Host Organition for #AuMAW2016

Interact Support is the host of the Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016 #AuMAW2016

Individual events are hosted by a variety of organisations and individuals.

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